Attractive Brand Identity For Sanvi Silk Mills, a leading fashion brand from Surat, Gujarat.

We developed the visual and brand identity for SANVI Silk Mills – a new fashion brand based in India. Together with leading designers, they are creating the future of fashion industry – a combination of innovative fabrics and breathtaking designs. The brand launch took place on March 2022.

Brand Idea

Brand Idea of logo.

Our initial meet with our client Sanvi Silk Mills took place and we were brought to the light an idea that the founder told us. The brand name Sanvi Silk Mills derives from the name of goddess Laxmi, the Goddess of Wealth and prosperity, our client’s first priority. We did thorough study and found a name that is another name of the Goddess Laxmi, SANVI or SHANVI. Also, the name Sanvi is one of the name of Goddess Laxmi, meaning glowing, lovable and attractive.

Dynamic Alternative Logos

Alternative Logo Designs of Sanvi Silk Mills

We decided to design two iterations of logo, a light and primary version of logo, consisting of light background, navy blue typeface and pink caption. The secondary version of the logo had a dark navy blue background, a white typeface and pink subtitle. We also designed two types of logo that made our logo dynamic by changing placement of Primary typeface and Brand name. This made our logo dynamic for any visual implication.

Brand Identity Kit

Brand Identity Kit for Sanvi Silk Mills

As part of the requirements of the client, we decided to design a business card, a letterhead, an envelope and product tag for Sanvi Silk Mills. We did this keeping in mind the brand’s philosophy of being a subtle yet attractive fashion brand dealing in fabrics and fashion. We were extremely proud of response by the client as they were more than happy to give us an yearly contract for social media management. Our brand identity launch received much more appreciation by the audience and the firm has been driving new clients for sale.

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